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We hold three events annually and maintain an archive of presentaiton files and videos from each meeting.

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2016 event presentations.

Q3 Meeting: National Jewish Health

MGMA | 30 September, 2016
Experiencing long-term value with Kentico

National Jewish Health has been on a four year journey with Kentico and over time their focus and use of the product has evolved. They started with a complex technical implementation and have continued to add new features that help them optimize engagement and better service their end customers. They'll speak about key milestones in their journey with the Kentico product, features that they have been inspired to leverage, and how they are finding both marketing value and technical power in their Kentico-based website.

Samantha Reeves, Product Marketing Professional, National Jewish Health
Aaron Hoy, Supervisor, Web Project Management, National Jewish Health

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National Jewish Health: Implementation Support with Blue Modus

Dave Conder, Director of Client Services at BlueModus presents about some of the key challenges that they helped National Jewish health overcome initially and how they have leveraged Kentico to deliver more relevant content to site users on the redesigned website.

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Optimizing Kentico for high performance

Every company wants to build great applications that amaze their clients and provide a dynamic and captivating experience. Building great looking applications is only part of process. Making sure the application performs well is crucial to business looking to deploy their systems. Without proper optimization and testing, even the best architected solutions can rendered worthless if you exceed the system’s capabilities. In this session, Kentico Technical Evangelist Bryan Soltis will show you best practices and tips for ensuring your site is configured properly and performs great under heavy use.

Speaker: Bryan Soltis, Technology Evangelist, Kentico

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Inaugural meeting

MGMA | 17 June, 2016
Optimizing Kentico Search Results: Mixing organic and
inorganic results.

Eric Schraufnagel, Sr. Senior Software Engineer at MGMA presented on a challenge that many of us face with our websites - optimizing search. In this talk Erik discussed the integrated Lucene Search Engine that is used inside Kentico, explained how it works with website content managed by Kentico, how the scoring can be managed to manipulate results, the pros and cons of weighting results for users, and some additional enhancements and resources. The presentation touched off a lengthy discussion about other techniques and interesting enhancements that other participants have used on their own projects, all of which is captured in the video. We hope you enjoy the presentation and hope to see you at an upcoming Rocky Mountain User Group event.

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